Our Service Schedule

Doors & Windows- Check operation of locks, stays, seals & delamination
Grab Handle- Check security & sealing
Number Plate- Check condition & marked with the relevant standard BS AU 145(d)
General roof condition
Chassis and running Gear
Corner steadies- visual check, operation & lubrication
Coupling Head- Check wear/damage
Ball acting stabiliser- Check condition of pads and contamination
Coupling head gaiter- Check condition/splits
Breakaway cable- check condition, routing and integrity
Drawbar- Visual Check
Jockey wheel- check condition/ operation & lubricate
Corner steadies
Wheels and tyres 
Spare wheel & carrier
Suspension and axle
Braking System
Handbrake mechanism- Check operation & adjust if necessary 
Floor- Check for sponginess/delamination
Furniture- Check condition & operation of all doors/drawers handles and fixings
Blinds & fly screen- check operation (tension) & material for damage
Damp Test- Carry out check and complete separate damp report sheet
Gas System- Appliances not serviced unless requested
Regulator, gas hose, pipework and manifold
Carry out gas soundness test
Appliances- check operation only incl.FFD’s
Security of gas cylinders
Ensure all as dispersal vents are clear 
Electrical Systems
13 pin/7 pin plugs & cables- check condition and test
Road lights and reflectors- check operation & condition
Leisure battery-(if fitted) check voltage and charge state. 
Perform high discharge test
Battery compartment- check security
230v & 12v Fridge operation
Interior lighting- Check operation and fuse rating
Awning light
Wiring on all ELV circuits- Visual check
LV inlet plug- check condition 
Earth bonding- visual inspection
230v Consumer unit- Load test & test button
230v Sockets- Polarity test
Check operation of standard fitted 230v appliances, fans and luminaries
 Check operation hob (if fitted) 
Water System
Water pump & pressure switch / micro switches- check operation
Taps, Valve, pipes- check operation & leaks- check condition and operation
Water inlets- Check for leaks 
Water tanks (if fitted) – check for leaks and security
Waste System- Check for leaks
Drain down- (unless advised by the customer)
Toilet- Check operation & lubricate seals
Fixed Ventilation- Check for obstruction 
Roof Lights- Check condition & operation 
Fire and Safety if Fitted
Smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm(s) 
Fire extinguisher 
Fire Blanket- check security

IMPORTANT- Appliances are checked for operation only, additional servicing may be required for warranty or operatioanl purposes.