Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you are a first time buyer or even just require a little help in choosing your next caravan or motorhome purchase, we can offer a pre-purchase inspection package for you which could potentially save you £££’s.

A Pre-Purchase Inspection provides you with a report on the condition at that time to help you make a more informed decision before you buy or not. This service starts from just £75* depending on distance and will give you information on potential costs and problem areas that may need addressing.

Please contact us further for a no obligation quote


£ 75
  • Issue full Damp Inspection


£ 95
  • 13pin/7pin lights and reflectors
  • Visual check on all doors, windows and hatches close securely
  • Visual check on all other body parts and attachments are secure
  • Parking brake
  • Jockey wheel security
  • Safety latch / catch on coupling
  • Safety latch / catch on coupling
  • Breakaway cable condition
  • Check condition, age and suitability of tyres
  • Check wheels freely rotate and that bearings are not noisy
  • Check wheel bolt settings


£ 135
  • Everything from Bronze PLUS
  • Offer estimate for repairs needed to correct faults
  • Gas soundness test
  • Check security of gas bottle straps
  • Hook up unit and mechanical test at RCD electrical safety trip switch
  • Check charging circuit
  • Damp test noting down any adverse readings on check sheet report
  • Check for floor delamination


£ 175
  • Everything from Bronze & Silver PLUS
  • Check Functionality of gas appliances
  • Test all 240 volt sockets
  • Check 12v functionality of items
  • Check 240v functionality of appliances
  • Check operation of water system
  • Issue full Damp Inspection

Optional CRiS (£14.95) or HPI (£10) clearance.

* This is a minimum cost for a damp check only. Please Note: We would also emphasise that this report accurately reflects the condition of your tourer at the date stated. These readings may be subject to atmospheric conditions, & the company cannot accept liability for water ingress, which may become evident at a future date.