Its the one thing caravanners/motorhomers fear and worry about the most. 

Whether we are completing a damp check within a service or as a individual job rest assured we only use an industry standard measuring instrument. This gives us and you the satisfaction of knowing that the readings given are accurate on day of test.

 A damp test can give an early warning of any water ingress resulting from faulty or deteriorated joint sealant, ill fitting or damage to habitation door, windows, seals and locker frames. Catching water ingress early can potentially saving £££’s on expensive work later on. for routing testing we advise ONLY to test twice a year at the beginning and end of the season. Any more than this can send your brain into overtime as reading change from week to week and month to month.

Whats involved

  • Invasive damp testing
  • Damp readings taken and recorded
  • Check for deteriorating or missing body joint sealant throughout.
  • Check all windows, doors including rubbers and vents for ill fitment or damage
  • Check external seals and locker frames
  • Full damp test report created

Water ingress readings and that they mean

Readings between (0-15%) = no cause for concern.

Readings between (16-20%) = May require further investigation. Could be atmospheric conditions. Note readings and re-check at next service.

Readings between (20-24%) = possible early signs of ingress, look for tangible evidence or ask for a re-check.

Readings between (25-30%) = moisture evident, remedial work required if there is surface damage 

Readings between (31% and above) = structural damage is occurring, deterioration inevitable. Remedial work required A full strip down of the affected area is required.

The report

The water ingress report will highlight and show the results with  any recommendations that may be needed to maintain an the acceptable level or that needs attention. 

Typically the test takes around an 45 mins -1 hour


All caravans that is manufactured with wood are damp!

As wood is a living thing and has moisture in it. you will never get a 0% moisture content. The issue is not to get rid of damp it’s about control and keeping at an acceptable level level low. 

Still need some advise?

if your in doubt about any water ingress issues you may have in your tourer, feel free to contact us. We will recommend the correct course of action for you.